This trick is especially for those of you who are new to playing Mobile Legends, because these secrets may already be known by players who have played ML for a long time from previous seasons, here I want to share 5 secret tricks (not cheats) that are actually more to hidden tips because many lay / newbie players don't know yet, these tips alone don't have a guide or explanation from ML / Moonton, so it's rather difficult for new players to know that this system exists. Here are 5 Mobile Legends tricks that can help you maximize your playing experience better:

1. How to find out the ultimate status of a friend who is ready

At the top when we are in the middle of the game (next to the score & duration of the match) there is our friend's HP status whether they are dying / dead, now there is another 1 small part in the top left corner of the picture of our friend hero, the ultimate / skill 3 bar, so if we see the green bar on the top left of the hero it means their ulti skill is ready, whereas if there is no green bar it means the ulti is cooldown.


This is certainly important to note especially when we are playing with other people / foreigners, without communication we can still know whether they are ready or not so that we can plan strategies better when engaging.

2. How to maximize the use of Double BP Card

Many newbie players, including me, used the wrong card double battle point, that is, we immediately use it as fast as possible, even though there is a weekly BP limit that might later not benefit the use of this card.

The best way to use Double BP Card is precisely when our weekly BP is stuck (7,500) because this card also functions to increase the weekly BP maximum to 9,000, so you should keep your BP Card until the weekly BP limit is reached, then we use the card. These tips do not apply if you are one of those who rarely play so they do not reach a maximum of 7,500 BP within a week.

3. How to get free skin from lucky spin

Actually, these tips are not sure to be 100% correct and accurate, but believing or not the possibility of us winning a permanent skin prize will be even greater if we don't / don't have her. For example, if we have 500-1,000 tickets and try our luck to get the existing skin prizes, if we already have the hero from the existing skin prizes (for example, Fanny Campus Youth skin prizes and we already have Fanny heroes) then there is almost very little chance and chances are we can get the skin.

On the other hand, if we don't have heroes, we can even get those skins from free draw (free 1x lucky spin every 2 days), I myself have got 15 skins only from lucky spin and most of them are 95% of the skins that I got her heroes yet I have (as a result there are a number of heroes that I bought just because there are skins even though they don't like it, nice job Moonton).

Remember, these tips cannot be proven accurately, so try to test them and compare when we play lucky spin to get the skin that we have not had with the ones we already have, chances are that you will get your heroes less often. buy, maybe this is the tactic of Moonton's strategy so that the heroes sell well (just a hunch, not a conspiracy).

4. Some hero skills can be critical

Normally critical only results from basic attacks (greater damage is about 2x than normal), but there are some heroes whose skills can also produce critical and indeed ML does not explain in detail which heroes can have critical damage.

Some known hero skills can be critical:

Layla 1 skill
Balmond Skill 2
If you want to know more definitely, we can activate "text damage" and we can tell whether the skill issued produces critical or not (the critical damage to the writing will be greater and there is a symbol / sign to the left).

What is the importance of knowing whether skills can be critical or not? Of course this is important when we set the gear items in battle, for example with the Berserker's Fury item (critical critical + damage damage) we can maximize the damage skills available and the difference will be very significant considering this item gives an additional 40% bonus damage to critical and 25 % critical odds.

5. How to overcome the AFK team when ranked mode

Well, this one tips is very important for those of you who like to play solo rank and are frustrated because they found a team that is often AFK from the start, we can trigger invalid games by using the early surrender feature. This early surrender feature will appear if there is one player or more in our AFK team from the beginning of the game and in the 3rd minute the option to give up will come out, if we select surrender then our team will not lose stars at all (except the AFK player) .

But to activate this feature we cannot kill / be killed by an opponent for 3 minutes, here are a lot of players from enemy teams who like cheating like suicide to the enemy base and foolishly like to have a player on the team hit so that it produces kill. To trigger this invalid match, all of our teams should be kept in base for 3 minutes, don't hit / attack anyone at all even though they arrive directly into the turret / base.

That's how the 5 Mobile Legends public secret tricks that may not be well known by novice players, hopefully these tips are useful and the end of the greeting is gamers.


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