Franco is one of the OP tank heroes who are underrated, even though since he got a buff in season 9 (and also season skin) he became one of the terrible game makers because of his ability to pick up opponents one by one from the beginning to the end of the game (early-late game) , Franco can change the situation that had lost to an epic comeback if we can maximize its potential to steal the carry / damage hero of the enemy team dealer, that's why this hero can be called a game changer because it is his expertise in reversing the situation.


According to Franco I was a tanker hero who was less popular despite being strong because he did not have mass crowd control (target single specialists) so that it might be less effective in war teams (teamfight 5 vs 5), but because most meta available today are 2 tanks in one team, of course Franco is a very good choice to be able to push lane including the defense turret to the maximum. Lansung, we just started the discussion of the complete tutorial how to play Franco starting from the advantages and disadvantages first.

Franco's strengths:

Excellent hero locker & scourge , Franco's main advantage over other tanks is that he can give maximum CC on 1 particular target, so if we can use the skills available to silence the carry hero, this will certainly have an impact on the game.

High mobility , passive skills give extra movement speed when he is not in battle / battle, so Franco can quickly trace the lane (roaming) and help the team in other areas, of course this is also useful to help him escape when critical or chase enemies who try run away

Very strong in the early game , at the beginning of the game the turret is the strongest unit in the game, because Franco can kidnap the enemy and pull it into the tower so it becomes very frightening for the opposing team so they cannot go near the turret area.

Hero tank killer, Franco's strength apart from the CC's ability is that the three skills have considerable damage so that it is not uncommon for him to get a kill (although this is not his top priority).

Franco's shortcomings:

It's quite difficult to master the skill accurately , Franco's 1 (hook) skill is quite difficult to be directed precisely especially against very agile heroes like Fanny / Hayabusa, of course we have to hone feeling to predict the direction of the opponent's movement, the faster the enemy moves it will be increasingly difficult.

Less effective when the team war, because this hero is specifically devoted to silencing 1 hero (CC single target) so when dealing with many enemies (3 or more) we cannot provide maximum support / protection to the team.

Very dependent on the team, indeed all hero tanks generally depend on the team to get the maximum in the game, Franco is also very dependent on his partner to be able to finish off the hero he has captured / snatched, because it is useless we can hook the enemy with skill 1 if our team cannot take advantage of those moments and opportunities well.

Franco tips on build items:

Franco build items should focus on cooldown reduction to the maximum extent possible so that we can often spam 1 skill throughout the game, then build is also a little regen because without regeneration where we will run out of mana and even have to go back and forth base (so it is not effective because of waste -waste of time).
The build above is what I think is most ideal, with this build we get 30% CDR (we can get CDR 10% again from the emblem), so we can get a maximum cooldown of redutcion (40%) and spam skill 1 & skill 3 as often as possible throughout the game.
Don't forget to adjust your physical / magic defense according to the composition of the opposing team and keep a minimum build of 20% CDR if it's 40% impossible.
Because the build tank is flexible to adjust the situation, so back to the preferences of each player, if you feel there is a better / better build then try experimenting with your own way.

The most suitable battle spell for Franco is Flicker 

Use Flicker to escape when critical or can also chase enemies trying to escape, then the most important of these spells can be maximized for combos with skill 1 (a combination of flicker hook).

For emblems we can use tanks or support emblems.

Franco is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

All marksman heroes
Fanny (Ulti Franco is one of Fanny's best counters )
Franco is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

Diggie (anti CC)
Actually Franco can be strong against anyone as long as we can hook skill 1 accurately and our team can take advantage of that opportunity perfectly, on the contrary it can also be weak against anyone without the support of other heroes (it just works), so all of them keep coming back again on the teamwork that is available and never bother to solo lane when using this hero.

Combination of Franco flicker-hook skills:

We can do deadly combos by utilizing battle spell flicker and using them in tandem with skill 1 when successfully fighting an opponent. First we have to make sure the enemy is hit with skill 1 (the target hero will definitely be attracted) then immediately flicker to the desired area (usually into the tower).

Skill 1 -> Flicker (followed by skills 3 or 2 if necessary)

Examples are the following snippet:

The best moment to use this combination of skills is when we successfully pull the opponent into the tower and take advantage of the situation to give maximum damage to the tower by giving additional CCs from the ultimate stun skill and skill 2 (skill 2 also has a slow effect).

Skill 1 -> Flicker -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2

To be able to master the flicker hook combo timings, try exercising frequently in Custom / versus AI, then if you are used to trying to play on Classic (before Ranked) until you are finally proficient, the point is we need to be nimble and skillful in honing the instinct / feeling where to launch skill 1 precisely and also deftly directs flicker in fairly narrow time intervals.

Tips & tricks for Franco's hero guide:

Franco is very strong in early games, so always look for opportunities to be able to attract enemies into the tower at the beginning of the game so that we can be superior from the start and dominate throughout the game.

Be aware of Franco's endurance in taking damage because usually if we build CDR max then defense will be sacrificed a little / less maximal, so it can be said to be rather soft for a class of pure tank, so we should not engage or play resistant without paying attention to the damage of the opponent, especially fight hero fast damage damage like assassin and marksman (late game).
We recommend that you activate hero lock mode so that when we use our ultimate skill we don't hit the wrong target, because this ulti skill is short distance (close combat), it will be very easy to target when we are surrounded by many enemy heroes.

Always look for opportunities and spam skill 1 throughout the game to grab opponents, focus on kidnapping the main hero (MVP) on the opposing team, look at the game data which hero is the most influential (carry) and try to invite our team to attack (gank) the hero.
Be diligent in watching Franco user pro videos or top Franco player live streaming so that they can learn and master this hero better.

As usual as a complement, hopefully this gameplay video can give an idea of ​​how to use Franco properly and correctly. Finally, hopefully these tips and tutorials are useful.

Good luck.

Source: Solusik


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